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Welcome to our Facial Oasis, where we specialize in ORGANIC & NATURAL FACIALS meticulously crafted to revive your skin's radiance and vitality. Our curated treatments feature soothing botanical extracts and revitalizing antioxidants, promising transformative results. At Spa Cabana, our estheticians are your dedicated skin care chemists, with the expertise to tailor each facial by adding ingredients that optimize maximum results. Experience the extraordinary—reserve a holistic facial with our team today, where the incredible products work their magic, eliminating the need for extractions. Your radiant skin awaits!

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Mighty Firm & Smooth 

THE MOOD: Smooth & Mighty

EXPERIENCE: Your refresh begins now as dirt & clogged pores are melted away with a silky milk cleansing balm. Next, double up on the cleansing power with a foaming cleanser that boasts skin-brightening vitamin C and glycolic acid to smooth! We then say goodbye to pesky pores with an alcohol free rose water tonic to give your skin a much-needed moisture boost, followed by a plant-based exfoliation that leaves your complexion baby soft. A firming mask then combines must-have antioxidants with rejuvenating properties from fresh bananas to give a noticeable tightening and line-smoothing effect. Last, a cool compress to the eye areas &  a  facial massage with our favorite super hydration. C the Future® Foaming Cleanser, Green Tea Cleanser, Vitamin Berry Facial Tonic, Timescape® Micromazing® Face Polish, Mighty Tighty® Tightening Mask, Three Milk Moisturizer.

60 minutes, $185




Awe maze ment for skin in season

EXPERIENCE: This rejuvenating treatment starts with a green tea and coconut milk cleanser followed by a nourishing shea sugar exfoliation to polish your complexion to glistening glee! Another healthy helping of coconut milk comes in the form of a pro- and prebiotic balancing mask, along with organic rice extract, coconut oil and aloe vera to replenish the face. A refreshing spritz of aronia fruit and rose water tonic refines skin, giving a poreless appearance and paving the way for a soothing application of milk thistle, retinol and coconut milk — bringing much needed hydration to dry-parched skin. Green Tea Milk Wash, Vitamin Berry Facial Tonic, One Fine Day® Face Polish, Will Dew® Probiotic Milk Mask, Eternal Light® Illuminating Serum, Three Milk Moisturizer 
Cooling & Calming Eye Compress & Super C Serum

60 minutes, $175


BEST ENJOYED: When craving a cool, luscious whip
THE MOOD: One mean green
EXPERIENCE: Ahhhhvocado to the rescue! This facial leaves you smooth and completely refreshed. It begins with a hydrating, minty-crisp Green Tea Milk Wash. Next, skin is quenched with Vitamin Berry Tonic before a whipped, renewing blend of natural plant-based fiber particles and organic cucumber extract exfoliates. After a quick rinse, bask in a dollop of Guac Star ® revitalizing and cooling mask. It nourishes skin with avocado oil, butter & extract, essential fatty acids, moisture locking ingredients, and skin-feeding super antioxidants — green tea, goji fruit and pomegranate. Once you’ve hit a happy shade of green, we apply a skin-brightening super serum, Three Milk ™ Moisturizer, infused with patented peptides, helps soften deep winkles
. Green Tea Milk Wash, Vitamin, Berry Facial Tonic, Timescape Micromazing Face Polish/Mask, Guac Star Avocado Mask, Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer.

50 minutes $155


 BEST ENJOYED: Looking on the bright side

THE MOOD: : Due for a spa day! 

EXPERIENCE: Next stop: illumination station! A vitamin C- packed, foaming cleanse greets you — makeup, sunscreen and excess oils are seamlessly cleared away, while complexion is left brighter! A cooling, citrus tonic then replenishes pores with antioxidants. Next, a fruit acid blend works its exfoliating magic, followed by a silky Berry Jam Mask brightens, tightens & smooths. final touches with a whipped up facial mousse beaming with age-defending Moisture. 

C the Future® Foam Facial Cleanser
Illumination Juice® Facial Tonic
Illumination Fruit® Acid Peel Mask, Berry Jam Brightening Hydration Mask, Three Milk Moisturizer. 60 Minutes $175 


Desert Willow

THE MOOD: Splash me back to life 

EXPERIENCE: Moisture reset,  begins with a milky green tea extract cleanse to wipe away excess oils and bacteria. Oily and combo skin types will rejoice! Next, let’s refine complexion with an Arizona red clay mask — created to absorb excess oils, toxins and bacteria from the pores. Exhale as a calming green matcha tea and peat mud mask is painted on to soothe any irritations. A mega hydration boost and luminosity are in your near future when a silky organic rose hydrosol serum is applied. Then, a dreamy whipped mousse made with wrinkle-targeting peptides + retinol ups the ageless factor! You’ll flaunt your glow right out of the spa after finishing with the Three Milk Moisturizer serum that renews!

Green Tea Milk Wash, Vitamin Berry Facial Tonic, Sanded Ground Exfoliation Mask, Matcha Purity Purification Mask, Gaud Mask using Infinite Chill Facial Massage Globes

Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer 60 minutes $175


Simply Stunning


Restored to your natural, beautiful state

EXPERIENCE: Go au naturel as we eliminate dirt and makeup while nourishing with an Agave Nectar Oil pre-cleanse to perfectly prep your skin. After a green tea and coconut milk cleanse, you’re treated to an application of an aronia fruit and rose water tonic. Imagine the sand between your toes while a sweet shea sugar polish from One Fine Day ® Scrub whips up and works wonders to smooth your skin. Set the tone to firming with the prickly pear, Cactus Toning Wrap that warms as it tightens your complexion. A steaming nectar milk-infused towel helps boost the firming feel! Finally, we help minimize wrinkles, shrink the look of your pores with the Gaur Star Avocado Mask.  Agave Nectar, Green Tea Milk Wash, Illumination Juice Facial Tonic, Cactus Gel, Guac Star Avocado Mask.  60 minutes $175 


Fire & Ice


Destination Illumination! 


  A crisp, foaming cleanser clears complexion so pores can absorb a cucumber water toner and all its clarifying nutrients. Next, a skin-renewing mask made with naturally occurring fruit acids from papaya, organic U.S. grown blackberries and aronia fruit adds a little tingle while working its magic! An avocado extract mask is then massaged in using chilled facial globes — beginning at the neck and going all the way up to the forehead in gentle circular motions. We end with a brightening peptide and watercress extract serum — feel another dose of chill, compliments of our facial globes. Green Tea Milk Wash, Vitamin Berry Facial Tonic, Illumination Fruit Acid Peel Mask Guac Star Avocado Mask, Three Milk Moisturizer, Infinite Chill Facial Massage Globes, 60 minutes $195




Renew & Refine! No looking back.


Turn back the hands — and fine lines of time! A minty fresh gel wash cleanser washes away excess oils and bacteria to reveal a clean slate! A spritz of an alcohol-free tonic made with fresh berries and vitamin C extract refreshes. Next, a natural plant-based exfoliator called Timescape ® renews and unveils silky smooth skin underneath. Let the feel of firm takeover when a chamomile & watercress extract mask tightens — with vitamins A & K to help alleviate the look of fine lines!

Green Tea Milk Wash, Vitamin Berry Facial Tonic, One Fine Day Polish, Mighty Brighty Vitamin C Mask, Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer

60 minutes $175

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All Add-on Extend the Service by 10 minutes, $35 each. 

  • ADD 10 minutes to any massage 


Bubbling super hydrator mask that nourishes skin with skin-feeding super antioxidants. Its been called "Bubble bath on the table" applied to the upper body.

  • Oasis Head & Neck 

warming application to the neck + scalp massage 


 Warm Agave Nectar Oil for an instant moisture wrap.


Sweet Cream Sea Salt Foot Scrub + Honey Heel Glaze moisture serum application + steaming foot wrap


5 min seasonal back scrub & Agave Wrap


One Fine Day Shea Sugar lip exfoliation + Marshmallow Melt Balm application

30 Minute Add-Ons, $85

  • add Body Scrub, 30 minutes added, includes back, hands & feet, arms & legs

  • add 30 Minutes to any treatment

Service Charge

Spa amenity fee of 20% will be added to all services. For exceptional service gratuity may be added or given at the time of service. Enjoy all the spa amenities before and after your treatment, up to one hour before & up to one hour after depending on your reservation time and the hours of operation. Spa amenities include, salt sauna, relaxation area indoor & outdoor including sun deck & tropical infused hydration station. 

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