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Hair Wash


At Spa Cabana we work with an array of products to achieve professional results. We offer an extensive range of services for all hair types. Offering event hairstyling, make-up, hair & scalp services. At Spa Cabana we specialize in Blowouts, Event Styling and Make-up. The experience is relaxing, you can add on extra’s like bang trimming, mask treatment, or scalp massage. We also offer all the same amenities that you get with booking a spa appointment, plan to come early or hang out and enjoy the extras! 
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 THE SALON At Spa Cabana

Creating Camera Ready Hair Styling & Airbrush Makeup

Hosting a group for a wedding or event? Inquire about group promotions.

Hair & Styling

Event Hairstyling

   $125 (begin with dry hair)


  • Extensions $35+

  • Blowout $45+

  • Hollywood Set $25+

Wash & Blowout $65


  • Hot Tools $35+

  • Light Trim (just the ends) or Bang Trim $45 

  • Scalp Treatments (listed below)

Face & Make-up

Make-up $125 


  • Lashes (strip) $20+

  • Glow Mask $35+

  • Lip Plumper $25+ (Exfoliation & Mask)

Facial Waxing 

  • Eyebrow $35

  • Lip $25

  • Chin $35+

  • Full Face $75+

Hair & Scalp Spa Services

Deep-C Scalp Spa

Deep cleaning and exfoliation of the scalp. Scalp remedy treatment that supplies vital nutrients with an exclusive blend of vitamin C, zinc, and salicylic acid! Naturally moisturizes and invigorates the scalp while soothing dry skin.

Scalp massage will stimulate blood circulation and nourish your roots, leading to a healthy scalp and hair. 

NO: preservatives, parabens, gluten, fragrance, or added sodium chloride (salt). 30min $75 


This 100% vegan treatment feeds and nourishes nutrient-starved strands with gluten-free plant proteins and provitamin B5. Great for a once-weekly treatment, even better when used following a remedy sachet! A favorite of high-end stylists across the world and available for consumers, as well! 30 minutes $75


Stringy, tangled, discolored swimmers' hair? Ditch the damage and discoloration with this must-have tune-up tool for every swimmer. Removes chlorine, copper, and other pool elements to reveal shinier, healthier, more vibrant hair. 30 Minutes $75

Scalp & Hair Rehab

This power-packed duo is a mineral removal and conditioning protein. Instantly boost your hair’s manageability and shine by removing the minerals that cause discoloration, dryness, and dullness. Reintroduce vital protein with our 100% vegan, ultra-hydrating Miracle Repair. 45 Minutes $95

Want it all?

We offer a some great combination packages.

Event Hair & Make-up  Included both hair & make-up. Begin with clean dry hair  $225.

Add-on A Volume Treatment including a shampoo & blowout $75

Detox, Repair & Blowout 

Deep-C Hair & Scalp Treatment & a Blowout.  $125

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