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Experience Cabana Soaks

 A Foot Sanctuary


Cabana Soaks

 A foot sanctuary for tranquility and relaxation. Immerse yourself in a world of foot pampering in our tropical oasis. Recharge with a soothing soak, neck and shoulder massage, and revitalizing hand and foot scrubs and wraps. 

Soak Experiences
Each 50 Minutes includes foot soak & 20 minutes of foot massage, or head, neck & shoulder massage, $95* per person. Couples soaks are available, book at the same time.
Robes, Slipper, Snacks, Beverages & Add-ons are available.


Cucumber Melon Cooler Soak

Watermelon Basil Fizzing Soak Infused with Cucumber
Fresh Melon Body Milk Lotion

Add: Watermelon Basil Vodkatini Scrub


Mint Bliss Bubble

Soak: Rosemary Mint & Bubbly

Agave Oil Massage

Add: Citrus Salt Body Scrub

Lavender-limeade Pedicure.jpg

Lavender Limeade

Soak: Lavender & Lime Infused Mineral Soak

Massage: Buttermilk Lavender Steeped Milk Lotion

Add: Sea Salt Scrub

honey-milk-sunbath (2).jpg

Honey Milk Sun Bath Soak

Soak: Sunshine Silk Bubbles, Honey, Steeped Milk

Sunshine Silk Shea Butter

Add: Citrus Salt Scrub

garden-fresh (2).jpg

Garden Fresh Soak

Soak: Cucumber Fresca Fizzing Soak & Lemon

Massage: Sweet Cream Shea
Add: Citrus Grass Salt Scrub


Butter Rum

Butter Brulee Milk Soak
Juniper Ale Oil &  Stones

Add: Butter Rum Scrub

Honey Lavender Milk Soak

Soak: Nectar Milk, Lavender & Honey 

Massage: Sweet Cream Shea

Add: Sweet Cream Scrub


Cranberry Sangria Soak 

Soak: Cranberry Orange Fizzing Soak

Massage: Agave Oil
Add: Honey Serum Wrap

Add: Whipped Honey Salt Body Scrub


Soak & Tranquility Package

Includes: Choice of Soak Package.

Foot Massage, Scrub & Wrap, 15 Minutes Head Neck & Shoulder Massage. Also includes a hand wrap & hand massage.

 60 Minutes $165

Soak, Tranquility & More!

Includes: Choice of Soak Package.

Hand & Foot Massage, Scrub & Wrap, 30 Minutes Head Neck & Shoulder Massage. Aromatherapy Steam. 

 80 Minutes $195


Customize your Cabana Soaks experience with these delightful add-ons to make your visit truly unforgettable. Add add-ons are done during soak time each $35*.

  • Neck and Shoulder Massage: Enhance your relaxation with a soothing neck and shoulder massage, 15 minutes.

  • Double up the massage time, additional 15 minutes

  • Foot Scrub & Wrap: Experience the ultimate exfoliation with our luxurious foot scrubs, leaving your skin soft and rejuvenated.

  • Hand Scrub, Wrap & Massage: Indulge in the comfort of our revitalizing hand scrub, wrap and massage designed to relieve tension and hydrate your hands. 

  • Aromatherapy Upgrades: Elevate your experience with a choice of calming or energizing aromatherapy scents during your soak. 

  • Hot Stone Therapy: Melt away stress with our hot stone therapy, applied to your feet for a deeply relaxing experience. 

  • Seaweed Clay Treatment: Treat your hands or feet to a nourishing Seaweed Clay wrap for extra softness and hydration. 

  • Extended Soak Time: Extend your foot soak session for even more relaxation, 15 minutes. 

  • Polish: Hands $35 or Feet $35, no gel polish or removal of gel polish

  • Glow Facial Mask

Service Charge

Spa amenity fee of 20% will be added to all services. For exceptional service gratuity may be added or given at the time of service. Enjoy all the spa amenities before and after your treatment, up to one hour before & up to one hour after depending on your reservation time and the hours of operation. Spa amenities include, salt sauna, relaxation area indoor & outdoor including sun deck & tropical infused hydration station. 

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